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Buildmytest for Publishers

Using the proven buildmytest platform, you can rapidly deliver high-quality assessments, test preparation programs and practice lessons for standards-based learning. Instead of taking years to get new online programs into schools, you can start making an impact on student achievement in a matter of months. Download the buildmytest brochure.

Standards-driven Content

CoreEngine technology inside the buildmytest® platform gives you maximum flexibility to deliver as much control as you need into your program. Tag content by standard, difficulty level (1-4), DOK (1-3), genre and more. Add up to 10 more customizable tags for searching on select criteria. Incorporate all of the expected item types and more.

Proven Platform

Hosted on the world’s largest cloud system – Amazon Web Services – the buildmytest platform delivers high-performance programs that can expand with your growing customer base. The platform supports 1000s of concurrent users with no performance lag and provides 24/7 access for teachers and students.

Unique Branding and UI

Use the standard buildmytest interface created with input from thousands of educators, or customize the look, content and functionality to match your program branding and instructional approach. The database architecture of buildmytest separates design elements from the platform’s underlying CoreEngine technology, making it faster and easier to create programs that can stand alone or work inside your LMS or branded website.

Creating a customized, “white label” program is easy – find out how.

Classroom-Ready Features

Based on your requirements, you can select the features that you want to include in your program. We’ve done the work to create the most intuitive, productive workflow for the thousands of schools already using the platform, so you can let your content shine. Provide pre-built tests or give teachers the ability to create tests and practice items (or do both). Provide access to tests and practice content online, in print, using whiteboards, laptops or tablets. Or use popular scanning systems and scan test sheets into the system.

Tour the platform to see what the wide range of options for your buildmytest program.