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Getting your Common Core and standards-aligned tests
and practice lessons into schools has never been easier.

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Use Advanced Architecture

Forget lengthy development and costly delays. Start delivering instructional solutions that work for your schools. The modular buildmytest platform architecture is designed for optimal flexibility and performance, so you can deliver a unique, high-quality experience that fits your instructional model.

Getting started is easy:

Step 1: Create your custom design requirements.
Step 2: Import your content into the buildmytest platform.
Step 3: Publish to schools.

Choose Your Features

Create your own branded program with custom functionality. You can decide how much customization you need – from simple branding and log-in screens to a completely unique look and feel – with the high-performance buildmytest platform powering your application.


Create New Content

Our edtech systems team will handle the initial setup of your content into the buildmytest platform, based on your design requirements. Once your content is in the platform, you can author, tag and review your content inside our secure sandbox and publish it at any time.


Give Schools Control

Offer 24/7 cloud access to your program with no complicated setup or IT support – just a link, a login and password. Use a buildmytest portal with your branding or link directly from your own LMS or web page for a seamless experience. Manage licensing and registration control by your administrators, by us or let schools use an online self-registration portal.

TE21 Login Screen

buildmytest in Action: TE21

TE21, a leading education company in Charleston, SC, needed to create a branded, hosted program for the delivery of a new formative assessment builder for Common Core. They had a robust item bank of high-quality questions and were looking for a high-performance online platform with teacher and administrator tools for test building, analytics and reporting.

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