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Built for Higher Standards

The buildmytest™ platform lets you quickly deliver formative assessments and lessons to build deeper knowledge of challenging standards.

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CoreEngine™ Technology


Deliver dynamic content to build understanding
of challenging standards using innovative CoreEngine™ technology.

Content tagging: Tag your items in the CoreEngine database by subject, standard, difficulty level (1-4), Depth of Knowledge (1-3), genre and more. Add up to 10 customizable tags for easy searching on select criteria.
Data-driving learning: Create groupings, lesson plans and targeted assessments based on progress for specific learning objectives – or right down to specific standards.
Item validation: Eliminate the practice effect with the platform’s validation algorithm that automatically checks questions in the database to flag items or tests that have been administered before.
Online repository: Save tests to the repository and use the search function to find tests by standard, grade and even objective. Tests can be easily assigned with a few simple clicks.

Create Test


Give teachers an easy to use dashboard to create
customized, balanced tests for Common Core and state standards.

Teacher-designed UI: As easy as popular social media websites, the Create Test tool lets teachers build balanced tests and easily add, reorder or remove questions – all from a single dashboard.

Search criteria: The platform supports nine different criteria from Common Core standards and up to 10 additional custom criteria for teachers to create highly targeted assessments.

Drag and drop: Teachers can quickly view test items, “click and drag” to change the order, delete questions or add more challenging questions – all from a single dashboard.

Test statistics: The dashboard provides an at a glance view of the statistics for each test – including average difficulty and depth of knowledge, making it easy to review and adjust a test as needed.

Quick Test


Let teachers quickly administer tests that target specific subjects, objectives and difficulty levels.

Time-saving testing: Teachers can administer high-quality, balanced tests in less than 15 minutes.

Item selection: Quick Test lets teachers see how many items are available for a specific grade level and standard to select the right mix for the test.

Test-check algorithm: The CoreEngine database automatically checks the test bank to ensure that students get new items each time to avoid “learning the test” and artificially inflating results.

Easy customization: Once a teacher builds a Quick Test, it’s easy to add or remove items, increase the difficulty or reorder the test questions.

Item Types


Prepare students for rigorous standards with more than a dozen Common Core item types – in the same format used in high-stakes tests.

Common Core Item Types: buildmytest supports more than a dozen Common Core item types, including multiple choice, constructed response, true/false, match and fill in the blank – and incorporates the visual presentation format used in high-stakes tests.

Content Imports: Getting started with buildmytest is easy. Once you’ve tagged your content with the standards and search parameters, the edtech systems team imports it into the platform, where you can review it, make changes or add new content.

Simple Authoring: After the initial content upload, your team can work directly on the platform to author new content in four easy steps: author, tag, review, publish. All content is stored in the secure online repository and can be released for use by schools at any time.

Flexible Options: With more than a dozen item types to choose from, you can design a broad range of items and tests to assess and challenge students in their knowledge of standards.

Share Test


Make it easy for teachers, instructional teams and PLCs to share tests, review sample items and administer common assessments.

Sharing Controls: Teachers can keep tests private or share them with other teachers to discuss learning objectives, lesson planning and instructional strategies.

Common Assessments: Administrators and teaching teams can develop common assessments for specific grade levels or learning groups. All tests can be saved to the online repository and “locked down” for administration to common groups.

Re-sharing: Teachers can be set up with rights to edit and re-share tests with other educators in the school or district.

Test Monitoring: Administrators and PLCs can review tests to establish best practices and assess how teachers and students are progressing with the standards.

Reports & Analytics


A wide range of reports display results from the buildmytest platform at the district, school, class and individual student level.

Automated Scoring: Automated scoring for online-administered multiple choice items lets teachers see results instantly in the buildmytest online reports.

Security & Control: Access to reports can be restricted to different levels for administrators, teachers and instructional coaches based on user preferences. For example, district administrators can be set up to see all reports for all schools and teachers in their district, while school administrators can see all reports for their schools and teachers can see their classes.

Real-time Analytics: Since tests are instantly scored, the real-time data can be used to monitor trends on usage and progress in learning objectives from the student to district level.

Easy access: Reports can be accessed online at any time on any laptop, computer, tablet or Smartphone. Reports can also be printed or saved to PDF for emailing.

Flexible Delivery


Enable schools to reach all students with anytime, anywhere access using online, mobile, print and interactive whiteboards.

Online or Print Administration: Teachers can build and administer tests completely online or print tests and give to students using paper and pencil.

Interactive White Boards: Practice lessons can be previewed on interactive white boards and projectors, for a highly adaptable teaching tool that can be used in many ways in the classroom.

Mobile Delivery: Deliver tests on tablets and laptops and enable teachers and staff to track results wherever they are, using iPads or Smartphones.

Cloud Access: Hosted on the world’s largest cloud system – Amazon Web Services – the buildmytest platform delivers reliable performance that can expand with your growing customer base. Support 1000s of concurrent users with no performance lag and provide 24/7 access for teachers and students.

Browser Support: buildmytest supports all widely used browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.