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Publisher FAQs

How can I get my test content into the buildmytest™ platform?

Getting your content into the buildmytest platform takes three simple steps:

  1. Select the tags you want associated with each item.
  2. Format your content into csv, qti or a common database format.
  3. Send your tagged and formatted content to your edtech systems dedicated support manager for importing into buildmytest.

What’s different about buildmytest CoreEngine™ technology?

Our unique CoreEngine technology forms the foundation of the buildmytest platform. The dynamic database architecture lets you tag your content right down to specific criteria embedded inside the standards, giving your customers precise of control over item and test content. An intelligent algorithm cross-checks the database before tests are generated and dynamically removes any items that have been used in previous tests to prevent practice effects.

What item types does buildmytest support?

buildmytest supports more than a dozen Common Core item types, including multiple choice, constructed response and fill in the blank – and incorporates the visual presentation format used in high-stakes tests. Custom item types can also be created based on your publisher agreement with edtechsystems.

How many tags can be assigned to my content?

Buildmytest supports up to nine Common Core tags and an additional 10 custom tags of your choosing.

Can I use my own branding?

Yes, you can add your own logo and color palette to the buildmytest interface – or create a completely customized look and feel to match your program design. Your edtechsystems support manager will work with you to determine the project scope and requirements.

How will customers access my program?

Buildmytest is hosted on Amazon Web Services and can be linked from your product management system, LMS or from a website portal with your branding.

Is my content secure?

Yes. The buildmytest database is hosted on the highly secure Amazon Web Services platform, the worldwide leader in hosting services. Single sign-on authentication and industry standard encryption protects your content and rights-based user roles ensure that student data is secure and accessible only to authorized users.

How do I manage licensing?

Licensing and registration of new users can be set up for control by your administrators, by us or using an online self registration portal.

What kind of reporting is offered?

buildmytest comes with more than 50 standard reports for usage and performance data at the student up to district levels. Graphical reports can be viewed on laptops, tables and Smartphones for highly mobile access.

Can tests be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, students can access tests online using laptops or tablets. All they need is a login and password.

Can tests be printed or scanned?

Yes, all tests can be printed for delivery using paper and pencil when online access isn’t available. Scanned tests can also be imported into the buildmytest platform for automatic scoring.

Does buildmytest work with interactive whiteboards?

Yes, teachers can use the preview function to use your content for group work using interactive white boards and projectors.

Has the buildmytest platform been validated in schools?

Yes, the buildmytest platform is currently being used by more than 800,000 students and over 20,000 teachers in K-12 schools. The platform is highly reliable and supports 1000s of concurrent users with no performance lag.

How do I make changes to my program?

After the initial content upload, your team can be set up to work directly on the platform to author new content in four easy steps: author, tag, review, publish. All content is stored in the secure online repository and can be released for use by customers at any time.

School FAQs

I forgot my login. How can I get my login information?

If you forgot your login information, please use the forgot the password option from the login page and send us your name and school information. We will be able to help you with your password retrieval.

How can I print my test that I have created in past?

You can login and search for the assessment you would like to print from Assessment->Search & Edit menu option. Once you see your assessment in the search list, select the the assessment and choose Preview->Print menu to see the printed version that you can either send to printer or save as PDF for later printing.

I am a teacher and I created a Quiz for my classroom. How can I assign to my class?

You can assign any of your assessment to your students. Follow these simple steps to assign assessment to you class.

  1. Logon to buildmytest using your teacher login account
  2. Click on “Assign Assignment” under my My Assessmentsv
  3. Select the class your would like to assign to
  4. Select the name of assessment from dropdown
  5. Verify the assignment dates
  6. Click save to save the class assignment

How can I see what is currently assigned to my students?

You can always see what is currently assigned and even history of assignments. Login to buildmytest using your teacher account and click on Open Assignments. This would give you a report of all the assignments and count of students that it is assigned to. Click on the actual count of students to see another report of all the students that are assigned this assessment with the assignment start and end date.

How can I see all the students in my class?

You can see your students list by clicking on “My Students” link to view all your students in all your classes. You can export this information to excel or PDF format.

My Student forgot their password, can I help my student with login detail?

Yes, You can click on “My Students” from your home screen to get the list of all of your students. You can see their login name and password. You can also reset your students password by clicking “Reset Student Password” link from your home page.

How can I see a student’s responses for every assessment item?

You can a student responses for each assessment items. From you teacher home page click on Student Response link from My Reports section. Select your student and assessment from drop down and click Run Report to view student responses for each each assessment items along with correct answer key and item description.